By Doug Neal
Almanor Fishing Adventures

May 24, 2019



Surface temps have dropped to 55.5 degrees, down form 61 degrees just last week. With the cooling temps fish are up and active. However note that the bite might start early, all our serious action came after 8:00 am.
Heavy cloud cover will often delay the bite. Clarity is good about 14 ft. and improving.
Seasonal creeks and streams are flowing strong. The Feather and Hamilton Branch are moving lots of water, including the bypass.

Lake Almanor surface elevation is approx. 4492 ft. which is just about full. Rain, wind, and hail the last 10 days have kept many boats off the lake. All the weather slowed down aquatic insect hatches temporality. Expect that to restart with a little sunshine.

Radio reports, text messages, and comments from other boats around Almanor were positive. Guys are catching fish between the weather events. We managed to get out between the squalls and did very well. We moved and trolled thru both Basins the past week. The east shore from Ham Branch to the Dorado provided good action running 1/6 ounce RGSS (red and gold Speedy Shiners)  mostly Rainbows from 2 lbs. the 3.5 lbs. We also released a couple impressive Browns in the 5 lb. class. And they were really looking good, healthy, and feisty.

Another popular trolling slot from Rec.1 to A-Frame also was good. We managed several quality fish, all Rainbows, running Blue and Silver Speedy Shiners at 2.8 to 3.0 mph and down only 8 to 12 ft. Yesterday we returned to the west basin. to avoid the NNE wind. We worked from Red Banks almost to Bailey Creek and back. Staying way off shore about 200 to 400 yards. There  were sonar marks so thick you could limit out easily. And we did. All were big fish from 3.5 to 4.10 lbs. When we started at 6:00 we were the only boat in sight, and it was quite, no action, but after 8:15 the bite developed. A couple boats moved closer and when they saw our nets going out they came over and started catching fish too.

Large pockets of fish are on the move looking for the next insect/food event. Hit it right and you will get yours.

There's still some crappy weather moving in, but after that its on. There's lots of good things happing right now. The abundance of Spring and Summer time has arrived. Increased action, a full lake of cool, quality water, lots of food available,and Big happy fish that await you.

FYI, there's a lot of 12 to 14 inch Rainbows scattered around the east basin, try to release those. Also there were 7000 catchable Eagle Lake Rainbows planted last week at Canyon Dam.. I wonder how big 'Catchable' means? DFW sez, they got us 150,000 Kings coming soon. I hope so, we could use them.

All ramps Private and Public are open with docks.

Good luck to all.

D. Neal

Almanor Fishing Association News from AFA President John Crotty.

Summer is here AFA has a full agenda over the next couple of months. I will be posting this information on FB as well and hope to get lots of support.

Upcoming events:

Deb and I set up a display at Plumas Bank today with newsletters, Duncan's rods and Doug's Brown Trout plaque. We will move the informational table to the Chamber Mixer on June 1st.  I will be at all of the youth fishing events and manning the table at the Chamber Mixer. If you want to participate in any/all of these events  please let me know.

We will also be moving the Browns from FRC next week, not sure how/when we are going to accomplish that feat. Still have to work out logistics with Adam and CF&W.