Welcome to the new year!

The fishing was challenging this last week.  I sense a definite change to a winter bite.  did you read my previous report about scattered bait and fish throughout the water column, basically all over the lake?  Yeah, about that.  Well, it's changed.  The fish have scattered.  As amazing as the Lake Almanor fishing is, how do they do that?  Where do they go?  How do they simply vanish?

Generally speaking, I'm going to guess you've come here for a possible answer.  As little boat traffic as we have had on the water, I'll also guess it's not a big number.  So, if you're one of the few still braving the ever unpredictable weather and making the trip to Almanor move to the south end.  Fish around Rocky Point in about 40' of water.  It's the only place I've found bait recently.  And I've burned up a half tank of fuel doing the homework.  I caught several fish in this area up to 4.25 lbs trolling speedy shiners.  Surface temps have slipped into the mid to high 30's.  Water clarity remained about the same for me.   The algae bloom that was affecting the lake appears to be subsiding. 

The weather has been pretty excellent with calm winds and above freezing temperatures.  As always, check ahead before driving up as the snow and ice can accumulate rapidly in freezing conditions.  Good luck, good fishing, happy new year and see you on the water. 

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